Fire Safety

FlameFriends is committed to the safety of everyone involved in our fire photography photoshoots and videoshoots.

We use a specific blend of materials designed to give the brightest, biggest flames possible, while being as safe as possible for our clients. 

How is this done? 

Our flames are what’s called a ‘Flash Burn”. This means the flames light up so fast that the flame gets exhausted within one second. 

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But How?

Our specially designed flame mixture produces a certain fuel-air mixture called a ‘Cool Flame’. The flames burn at a low temperature of under ~600 °F, which means it releases little heat. 

The pull of gravity draws colder, denser air down to the base of the flame, displacing the hot air, which rises, keeping the coolest part of the flame nearest the skin.

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Our Process

The Fire Master sprays the skin area being lit on fire, as well as all surrounding areas of the body that have the potential to be affected by the flame, such as hair, with Water.

The water creates a water-barrier. This means that the fire is burning ontop of the water-barrier, not on your bare skin. This barrier protects the skin from the flame and heat.

The Fire Master keeps a wetted Safety Blanket on him at all times, which he uses to put out the flames. 

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Fire Philosophy

Our Fire Photography sessions can be a life-changing experience. How? From the moment you were born, you’ve been told to avoid contact with fire. It is one of our most primal deep seated fears. Yet after fear comes joy.

Fear is the thing that gets in the way most in life. Doing a photo session with Flame Friends is an opportunity to let go of fear. Trust in our experience, our professionalism, our reputation. We got you. Every FlameFriends session client reports that their session was one of the most fun times they’ve experienced.

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